8 Weird Places To Hunt For Gold

Sure you can find gold in jewelry boxes, but with a little creativity you can find gold in all sorts of unusual places. In fact, the Montana Standard reported on one man who looks for gold and other old treasures inside abandoned outhouses and latrines. Here are several strange places where people have found gold, cash and other valuables. Take a look around, and maybe you can find some too. 

Rivers and Creeks

Do you have an old river or creek on your property? Consider dragging it for treasure. Thieves throughout history have stashed the evidence in a convenient creek or river while being pursued by the cops. If they were caught and locked up, they would not have been able to retrieve it. Jars of gold coins, cash and other treasure have been recovered from local rivers. 

Another place to check for stashed valuables is under small bridges. There have been cases of drug dealers stuffing their money between the slats on either side of a river bridge. 

Under Fence Posts

During and just after the depression, many people stored cash or gold in the holes created by fence posts. When a fence post was put in place, the hole it sat in was perfect for storing a little bit of treasure. 

You might also find gold hidden under the dirt in what used to be a personal garden. Sometimes people would place valuables in a jar and bury it under garden crops. 

Pipe Safe

If you are exploring an older home, look in the basement for pipes leading to nowhere that are capped off at the end. These false pipes are places where gold and valuables may be found. 

Cell Phones and Computers

With a little research, you can discover how to get the gold out of old cell phones and computers. If you know what you are doing you can pop out the precious metal in a matter of a few minutes. There is usually not a large amount of gold in small electronics, but if you have access to several it can easily add up. 

Under the Floors of a Barn

Treasure hunters look at an old barn and see a huge treasure chest. When banks were unstable, people often hid valuables under loose floorboards in a barn or other outside building. 

Inside Old Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets created many decades ago usually included a small opening for razor blades. This doubled as a good place to hide coins, cash or jewelry. 

Holes in the Walls

It may be a stereotype, but every treasure hunter knows that looking behind picture frames and shelving is worth the effort. People from previous generations may have created hidden spaces in the wall to keep envelopes full of cash or gold coins. If the wall behind a painting looks unusual, or if a board seems loose, poke around a little. You might just find something valuable. 

Trophies and Medals

Sports trophies and high school medals were sometimes made with thin layers of gold, gold leaf or occasionally even solid gold pieces. Have old trophies and medals checked out by a jeweler to see if they contain real gold. They may be worth more than their sentimental value. 

People in past generations had many reasons for hiding cash and gold on their properties. They may have mistrusted banks, or they might have died before they could give hidden cash to an intended recipient. They may also be criminals looking to hide the evidence until they could go back for it. Valuables lost for any of these reasons may be sitting somewhere on or near your property just waiting for someone to find them. If you do find gold, try visiting a gold buyer online at a site like http://www.rmcoin.com.