How Owning Gold Differs From Gold ETFs

A gold ETF is like an individual stock that can be traded like any other stock. The fund holds a gold derivative contract that is backed by gold. It is not designed for an investor who wants to own gold but is instead designed for investors who want to profit from the movement of gold. Therefore, if your intention is to purchase gold, the gold ETF might not be the right option.

Why You Might Want to Own Gold

Many investors simply like the psychological effects of owning gold. They associate gold with wealth because of the long history of gold holding value. Gold is considered to be a hedge against inflation but can also be used as deflation protection. Gold is often considered to be a crisis commodity to own in a time of geopolitical uncertainty. 

While you will not actually own gold with a gold ETF, it can have many of the same benefits as gold. For example, this type of investment is often purchased during economic or political disruptions. Also, if the currency is being debased, the gold ETF can be very valuable in comparison. 

Gold Mining

When you wish to invest in gold, you can not only invest in gold itself but also in gold mining. Gold ETFs are one way in which you can gain exposure to the mining industry. The gold ETF is the most simplistic and diverse way to invest in gold mining. By being more diverse, you will be able to expose yourself to less risk.

Because there is an increasing demand for gold, there is also an increasing demand for gold mining. For some nations such as India, gold has cultural significance, and Indians continue to want to purchase gold. However, because of the growing demand for gold, simply owning gold, in general, can be a good idea.

Physically Owning Gold

With a gold ETF, you will never physically own gold. You will never be able to see a gold coin, gold bar, or gold bullion. If you want to be able to hold gold in your hand, this is not an option. Unlike with other investments, you may only redeem a gold ETF for cash.

If you feel like you would rather own gold, there are many gold vendors you can choose from and countless options. You can simply purchase a gold bar if you simply want gold or can take up gold coin collecting as a hobby.

If you want to learn more about buying gold, navigate to this website or talk to a gold buyer.