Disagree With IRS Audit Results? 4 Steps To Appeal It

If the IRS has audited your return, what happens if you disagree with the auditor’s findings? Do you have any recourse to argue your case? Or is this the end of the line where you must simply accept what you feel is wrong?  The truth is that the IRS provides a variety of means by which a taxpayer can appeal the results of an audit to higher authorities. What are these means?

Bailing Out A Friend Or Relative: The Basics

When a friend or relative is charged with a serious crime and taken into custody, they may ask you to sign a document with a bail bond firm guaranteeing their appearance in court. Before you make any decision on whether to do this, it’s important to consider all of the ramifications. The following article takes a close look at this issue. The Process When you guarantee the court appearance of someone charged with a crime, you sign a document in which you agree to be responsible for the entire amount of that individual’s bail.