4 Facts To Know About Bail Bond Services

If you have never been arrested before or had to bail someone out, you may not know a lot about bail bond services. Bail bond services help people get out of jail. You can use the services yourself if you get arrested. You can also use them to help a friend get released from jail. In either case, here are four facts to know about bail bond services.

Anyone Can Contact a Bail Bond Agent

The first thing to know is that anyone who needs help with a jail release can call a bail bond agent. While bail bond agents may turn down assisting some people, it never hurts to ask. Most agents will not turn people down for help, but they may charge higher fees or add more requirements in some cases.

The Agent Charges a Fee to Help You

People call bail bond agents to get out of jail without paying the full bail amounts. Hiring an agent for help is not free, though. The agency will require a fee for their services, and the fee amount depends on the bail price. If the bail price is set at $10,000, you should expect the fee to cost at least $1,000. You may have to pay more than this amount, depending on the situation. In most cases, the fee is around 10% of the full bail price.

The Agent Expects Things

In exchange for helping you, the agent will expect things from you. The primary expectation is that you will attend your hearings for the criminal case tied to the bail. Skipping a court hearing voids the bail bond that the court offers, and the bail bond agent loses money when this occurs.

You Will Go Back to Jail If You Skip Court

You will face consequences if you skip court. One is that you will owe more money to the bail bond agent that offered you the services. Next, the bail bond agent will look for you and haul you to jail. Courts do not tolerate missed court appearances. Instead, they issue warrants for people who skip their court hearings, and the warrants land them in jail again.

If you ever get stuck in jail for a criminal charge, you can contact a bail bond agent. The agent can explain the process and requirements for the services, and you can decide if you want to use them. Call a bail bond agent for more information.